Body confidence and puberty education for youth and the grownups who raise them.


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Welcome! I’m Karen.

It’s my heartfelt belief that all youth deserve to learn about puberty and adolescence in an environment that grows their confidence. Body Basics and Beyond emphasizes that:

  • Puberty is normal and it happens to everyone.  
  • Body changes don’t have to be confusing or scary.
  • Emotions can be a source of strength and power.

I want to see the next generation of leaders rise with the confidence, empathy, and poise to meet what lies ahead of them. To do this, youth need to understand their bodies, their emotional selves and the influences that may challenge who they are becoming.

This approach also requires a re-education of the supportive adults as we guide them through this time of physical, emotional and social change. It is my deepest work in the world to support that journey however I can.

I hope you’ll join me in bringing the next generation of empowered youth forward with a broader understanding of themselves and what they are truly capable of.


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