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3 Things You Can Do to Change the Culture in Your Car

“Hi! How was your day?” Those are the first words you cheerfully blurt out in anticipation of hearing all about her day as your daughter pops into the car at pick-up after school. A curt “fine.” is what you get in response instead. Hurt from the brief and...

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5 Things Dads Can Do to Connect with Preteen Daughters

"She doesn’t laugh at my jokes anymore. I am no longer funny to her and I don’t what to do. I don’t know how to connect with her.” This is something I hear from a lot from dads and they are genuinely confused. “One day I was funny and anything I would say could bring...

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Caution! Emotional Flares Ahead

I hear it from parents all the time. "After an emotional freak-out, she stomps off to her room, dramatically slams the door and melts into hot, angry tears. Then a little while later she comes out and acts like nothing happened." You may notice this behavior...

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5 things to consider about the tween and adolescent years

Tween. Yes, that is exactly where she is. Wherever that is. She is still a child, but she is finding a new voice and attitude that is unfamiliar. “Geez, mom! What’s the big deal? I’ll be done in a minute…” (in a sassy tone). Eye-roll. You cringe. You say to yourself,...

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You and Your Girl Want this

Really, you do. You remember reading, “Here, you will find…craft boxes and bonding rituals”. When you saw the video of mothers and daughters simply being together, you felt a pull. Actually, it was more of a tug at your heart. Okay, truthfully, you were crying 10...

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