Before Body Basics 4th Grade

Class Description

Preparing for how bodies can change during puberty while learning about thoughts and feelings.

Before Body Basics playfully and age-appropriately introduces youth to how their bodies, thoughts and feelings may be changing as they prepare to go through puberty. Students will acknowledge their places of support and guidance in preparation for puberty, building confidence and trust.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • What is puberty? What is adolescence?
  • Changing bodies are normal! What to expect.
  • What is a thought? What is a feeling?
  • Respecting all bodies types rocks!

Activities Include:

  • Creating group agreements
  • Positive Adolescence Maps
  • Amazing facts about changing bodies!
  • The Story of Betty and Reproductive System Rita
  • Back Up Your Buzz!
  • Time Together at home: Conversations and activities connecting parenting adults with their youth, supporting a positive foundation for her journey through puberty.


  • Class Size: 6-8 students
  • Session Structure: 6 classes, 1 1/4 hours each, twice a week
  • Includes: 1.5 hour virtual parent education meeting
  • Cost: $275

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