Beyond Body Care Basics 7th Grade

Class Description

Connecting the power of thoughts and feelings to body attitudes and behaviors through awareness and positive action from within.

Beyond Body Care Basics explores the direct connection between thoughts and feelings affecting body attitudes and behaviors. Students will learn to examine the powerful influences of their outer and inner worlds and how they affect self-esteem and the way they treat their bodies. Rather than just accept internal and external body projections, students will learn how to evaluate thoughts and feelings presented to them and how to “shop” for the healthiest balance without compromise.

Topics Discussed Include

  • Self-esteem check-in
  • Life topics: school, family, friends and self
  • Standing up to yourself
  • Don’t believe everything you think

Activities Include

  • Shopping your thoughts
  • Looking in the mirror with care
  • Thoughts and Feelings Maps
  • The great and hard things about being a 7th grader
  • Stand up, show up: What changes do you want for the world?


  • Class size: 6-8 students
  • Session Structure: 6 classes, 1½ hours each once or twice/week on rotating days
  • Includes: 1.5 hour virtual parent education meeting
  • Cost: $275

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