[GIRLS] Spring 2022 Body Care Basics 6th Grade: Session #7


04/15/2022 - 06/03/2022

Class Description

Cultivating body awareness and confidence through healthy care and positive attitudes.

Body Care Basics brings awareness to the importance and value of healthy physical body care and care, and how self-esteem affects how youth can feel about their bodies. We examine the ways media and society present messages that can challenge body confidence and learn skills and techniques to boost and protect body confidence and self-image.This program includes revisiting all the changes that can come with puberty.

Topics Discussed Include

  • Basic body care
  • What about privacy and why is it important?
  • Body confidence smashers and builders
  • What about makeup?
  • The skin you are in
  • Self-esteem boosters

Activities Include

  • The Self-Esteem Stairway
  • Body Confidence Meter
  • Creating Body Intentions
  • The Great and Hard Things About Being a 6th Grader
  • Time Together at home: Parenting adults and youth discuss body topics such as makeup, body care routines and body care product investigation


  • Class Size: 6-8 students
  • Session Structure: 6 classes, 1½ hours each, once or twice/week on rotating days
  • Includes: 1.5 hour virtual parent education Meeting
  • Cost: $275


Parent Meeting 

Monday, April 11, 6:00-7:30

At least one parent or guardian must attend the Zoom parent meeting in order for the student to participate in classes. All parenting adults are invited to attend.


Class Schedule

All classes are from 4:30-6:00

This session of classes is taught by Jane Higgins.

Classes are held in-person in the Clubhouse.

Friday, Apr. 15

Friday, Apr. 29

Friday, May 6

Friday, May 13

Friday, May 20

Friday, June 3




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