Really, you do. You remember reading,

“Here, you will find…craft boxes and bonding rituals”.

When you saw the video of mothers and daughters simply being together, you felt a pull. Actually, it was more of a tug at your heart. Okay, truthfully, you were crying 10 seconds into the video. “I want this.” you weakly declared.

So you immediately signed up for Connecting with Your Daughter mother and daughter retreat thinking it was a great idea . That was months ago and now suddenly it is time to pack. Where does the time go? You remember seeing a packing list but can’t find it. Something about bringing some color copies of photos…a family heirloom from your mother or grandmother. And where are the directions to Buckhorn Springs Retreat Center?

Getting clothes together along with locating the requested “meadow quilt” whatever that is, just about put you over your edge. It has been a long week- a long month- a long year. While trying to convince yourself by repeating the words “I want this, I want this” over and over in your head as you are stuffing things randomly into bags your girl asks, “What are we supposed to bring again?”

 There it is.

You take deep breath. You find yourself taking more deep breaths these days as seemingly harmless questions your daughter asks irritate you. Why? Your love runs deep for her yet it seems you have both have been more impatient with each other recently. What is going on?

Life is so full. Be it single parenting, a full time job, multiple children or any combination of what life can offer up these days. There is something that is calling you to just stop time. Just to stop.


Three precious days.

Three homemade-meals a day.

And tea. Lots of it.

No cell phones or computers.

No distractions or needs of others.

And some sweet time on that meadow quilt.

The last thing you see at night is her face, and the first thing you see in the morning is her face. Where has time gone? Your girl is growing up and things seem to be changing. You can sense it coming. And you just want to stop time. You know that it is only a matter of time before life begins to consume her…as maybe it has with you. It could already be happening. Soccer, piano, dance classes, gymnastics, marimba- and friends, then what!?


You want the best for your girl. And it is a confusing and demanding world that can pull you both in many different directions-apart from each other. That said, you know how important your girl is. Wait. This isn’t about guilt or blame. Let that go.

You know you just need to make time to be with her. Simple. But why is it so hard to make it happen when your heart knows how valuable and fun it is? “I want this!” you call out loud in a clear and direct voice. You really mean it this time.

So stuff whatever you want into those bags, over-pack if you want, go ahead and leave your hair dryer at home. Just show up. We will be here for you.

You can stop time…for three precious days. We will help you. It is time to relax into each other like you never have in the presence of other mothers and daughters wanting the same thing. Simply being together. Bonding. Connecting. Breathing softly.

 “Here, you will find…Love

Body Basics Mother Daughter Retreat from Karen O’Dougherty on Vimeo.

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